I'm Becca.


I'm an art lover, animal obsessor, pasta craving gal from Charlotte, North Carolina. Five years ago I graduated from the one and only, University of Alabama ( Roll tide ) where I studied art and art history. Day to day you can find me hanging out with my yorkie Ben,

sipping slightly sweet and creamy coffee, working in my yard, or biking around Plaza Midwood with my husband.


Meeting you is what makes me passionate about my work. Hearing your stories, making new connections, and capturing what you find significant in the most timeless way possible fulfills me more than I can express.


I have been passionate about art and design for as long as I can remember. I come from a family that prizes creative expression - my father and grandmother were painters, my brother is a bonsai connoisseur ( LOL ), and my mother is an art history fanatic and master gardener ( yes, it's a thing )


When working with my clients, my mission is to create photographs that reflect their story, and what they consider significant. I will always be driven by creativity, my love of art and in continuing to grow as an artist and a professional. 

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